Making Your Home Safer: Value of Home Security System

Most people think investing in home security is just too expensive and unnecessary. But forgoing such could cost you and your family even more. No one invites danger and misfortune to one’s home.

However, dangers and misfortunes do happen and it is best that you at least try to mitigate it, if not, be prepared for it.

Statistics of Burglary

According to Statista, burglary ranked third among the usual crimes committed in the country in 2019. In every thirteen seconds, a burglary occurs. Out of 10,000 victims each year, 11.5 of them are victims of property crimes.

Almost half of the burglars claim that they committed such a crime not because it was premeditated, but because the opportunity presented itself. Home break-ins typically exacerbate during summer months, while most people are away on vacation.

Considering these facts, the single most effective way to deter burglars is by installing a home security system. No matter which neighborhood or city you live in, investing in home security is a worthy investment. Burglars are less likely to target houses that have an active security system for fear of getting caught.

Advantages of Having a Home Security System

If you are on the fence about whether to purchase a security system for your home, consider these following benefits to you and your household.

Deter Intruders and Criminals

The number one reason why most homeowners opt to invest in home security systems is to keep safe the entire household from break-ins. Houses with no home security features are 2.7 times more susceptible to be targeted by burglars.

Apart from protecting your family, putting up a home security system helps make your neighborhood a safer place. One research determined that as the number of houses in the area that installed security systems increased, the figures of burglaries in the area decreased accordingly.

Fire Prevention

What most people don’t realize is that home security systems are not only for break-in deterrence but also for house fire prevention.

You may add heat detection features to your home security system. That way, you and your family would be notified immediately in case there is heat building up inside an area of your house. Undetected heat buildup is one of the leading causes of house fires.

Electricity Management

Another advantage of having a security system installed in your house is to manage electricity usage. There are countless times we often leave our houses with lights or other appliances turned on. With smart home technology tied up with your home security system, you can remotely switch off your lights and home appliances using your smartphone.

You could even use this smart home feature to heat up or cool down your thermostat or turn on the porch light as you head home. Also, with remote access, your home appears as if somebody is inside, making home robbers think twice about breaking in your home.


Reduced Insurance Cost

In most cases, home insurance is necessary for homeowners. Home insurance is designed to cover for any loss resulting from a wide variety of unfortunate events, including fire, storm damage, or flood. By installing a home security system, you can significantly lower your insurance cost by 10 to 20 percent.

Protection From Gas Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, often released inside homes from heating systems and cooking appliances. If left undetected, carbon monoxide might build up inside your house, making your entire family vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning.

With a carbon monoxide detector attached to your home security system, your family can easily be alerted in case the system detected high levels of carbon monoxide in the indoor air. Thus, allowing you ample time to seek adequate medical attention.

Keeping Valuables Safe

Home invasion happens with the intruder’s primary purpose of robbing jewelry, expensive electronic gadgets, and other high-valued items. Burglars do not place any regard for how we value the things we have accumulated through the years.

With a home security system, the mere presence of such scares most home robbers away. You could even spruce up your home by having a residential or commercial window film installed to deter criminals from their malevolent plans. Aside from that, you maintain the privacy of your home.

Have Peace of Mind

The most invaluable benefit that home security systems can give is peace of mind for you and your family. Knowing that your children are safe or that your valuables are secured when you are away is priceless.

With a home security system, you are ensured that authorities would be alerted in case any untoward incident happens in your house. Some alarm systems would even give medical alerts in case of home accidents, providing fast emergency dispatch.

Perhaps the only downside of investing in home security is the cost. Some home security services require monthly or annual maintenance Nonetheless, the peace of mind, security, and comfort you’ll have in having home security outweighs the overall expenses.

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