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Home Security: Tips for Purchasing a Secure Home

Your home should be your safe haven. If you’re in the market for a new residential property, there are several key things you can do to make sure your house can keep you out of harm’s way. Here are some simple tips for purchasing a safe and secure home:

Work with a trustworthy realtor

A dependable realtor will give you all the necessary background information about a house and just how safe it is. Don’t be shy about meeting with different realtors until you find one who you can trust. Ask a lot of questions since this can lead you to helpful information that will shape your decision to buy.

Verify that the seller is the real owner of the property

The best-case scenario is that you simply run into complications with a seller who isn’t the real owner of the property, most likely regarding the property title. The worst-case scenario would be that you’re dealing with a fraudulent sale. Be sure to double-check and verify that you’re dealing with the real owner of the property to avoid any trouble. You have a right to ask to see identification papers of the owners and ask questions about the background of the property.

Inspect neighborhood conditions

The condition of the property’s surrounding environment can clue you into the security and safety of the home and neighborhood. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the quality and state of the environment. Sidewalks should be in good condition, neighboring lawns and exterior homes should look polished and well-maintained, and the area should be generally peaceful. Neighbors with well-kept homes are a sign that they care as much as you about safety and security.

Authenticate the property’s land title

Before you commit to purchasing a property, you’ll need to validate whether or not the land on the title is the land that you’re purchasing. The technical description should fit the bill. You can have this authenticated with a private land surveyor or geodetic engineer.

Check the proximity of the property to a local police station

A property that’s close to a local police department means that thieves and home invaders will be deterred from pursuing their crimes. Furthermore, being located so close to a police station means that they can get to your home quicker in case you actually experience a break-in.

Confirm that the property’s title is clean and authentic

You’ll want to make sure that there are no debts associated with the property and that it isn’t mortgaged. You can confirm that the title is clean by checking the encumbrances listed on the property title. If there is nothing under this area, then you can be sure the title is clean. Besides being clean, the title should also be authentic, so you can try doing a quick property title search to verify this.

Analyse local crime rates

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It’s easier than ever to get information about crime statistics in a particular area. All you’ll need to do is to do a quick internet search or call the local police department to get an overview of the local crime rates. Naturally, you should stay away from a neighborhood where these numbers are high.

These tips will help ensure that you’re purchasing a property that is secure and protected. Keep you and your family safe by doing your due diligence before you sign the deed.

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