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Rest and Recreation: Knowing More About Patios

Patios are one of the most relaxing home features you can add to your house. It’s one of those DIY projects that most people can pull off if they put in a bit of time, effort, know-how, and of course, money.

Different patios will require different kinds of building materials, and each one will give you varying results. For example, insulated patio roofing costs more than non-insulated roofing, but it will protect you from severe heat or cold. However, it isn’t the most practical material if you live in more temperate climes with weather conditions that don’t waver much.

In the end, a patio will have to cater to both your personal preferences and the climate of your surroundings. However, there are three key questions people usually ask that apply to all kinds of patios. Here are some of the common issues you should know about before building your own outdoor home retreat:

What’s the Difference Between a Patio and a Terrace?

In general, people often interchange the two terms. But in general, they basically mean the same thing: an outdoor area that’s paved and adjoining a residence, usually used for dining or recreation or both. Sometimes it’s covered with a roof and four walls, while some can be as simple as a patch of cement on the lawn with some chairs.

Either way, there’s not much difference between a patio and a terrace, although some people will argue that terraces are elevated while patios are at ground level. However, that’s a distinction you need not worry about. Don’t even get started on pergolas and verandahs!

Where Should I Place My Patio?

If it’s outdoors, then it’s a patio. But where exactly should you put your patio? Well, that is all dependent on the kind of space you have and whether you have room to be creative. However, to maximize your patio experience, always choose a spot that is completely flat and with the best view possible, whether it’s a view of your garden or the beautiful cityscape. Lucky you if it’s the latter!

In general, though, it’s best to set your patio right next to your house or as part of your garden. It should be somewhere that’s relaxing while being two steps and a shake away from your living room. It should be accessible but private enough for you and your family.

Do I Need a Builders Permit for a Patio

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Yes, you will need to have permission from your local council before you can start constructing your patio. Different councils will have varying guidelines, but as long as you follow it to the letter, you won’t have much of a problem. That is especially true if you have to bring in heavy equipment or do extensive changes (like excavating) to your property or if the construction of your patio will bother your next-door neighbors. Be a good mate and let your neighbors and your council know that you’ll be building a patio. And hey, it’s not a bad idea to have them over once it’s complete!

Have these questions in mind when considering this additional feature to your home. You can plan your next step better and acquire that wonderful area to relax with your family.

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