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Pandemic Businesses: Best Home Services You Should Start Next Year

Home services are becoming a vital part of our lives during the pandemic. You might have needed to disinfect your home a couple of times this year or maybe have to hire a plumber. If you’re someone who has noticed the potential of being in such an industry, you might be wondering the best home service business to start next year.

There’s a couple that comes into mind, and in this article, we will be discussing your best options when starting a company in the home service industry. We will be discussing businesses that are pandemic-proof and can give you the maximum amount of profit in a small amount of time.

Here are some of the best home service businesses you can start next year:


Disinfection has become an essential part of our home life. It’s the best way we can protect our homes from the virus, especially after having visitors. It’s one of the main reasons why it’s a pandemic-proof business and why you should start such a business next year.

Cleaning businesses have received increased revenue ever since the pandemic. When other markets struggled, the cleaning market flourished. It’s expected to grow with a healthy compound annual growth of 6% in the coming years, making this year or next year the best time to start a deep cleaning business.

Experts also believe that cleaning businesses will still flourish after the pandemic. As more people become busy with their lives, more people will hire this particular home service.


Plumbing is another home service that is pandemic-proof because it’s a service that’s vital to everyone’s home. It’s a fairly simple business to start, and although you won’t get that big of revenue when compared to other businesses on this list, it’s a rewarding and humble job.

Millions of Americans experience plumbing issues every year, making plumbers one of the essential workers in any neighborhood. Plumbers can ensure that your home is safe from floods and you have hot water during the winter. They are unsung heroes that are crucial to everyday life.


People are looking for homes, someone to fix or renovate their homes. The contractor is one of the best businesses to start if you want to be versatile in your jobs.

Your jobs as a contractor may vary. For example, you can do some interior painting or install some seamless rain gutters into homes. It’s a versatile business to start and one that’s essential in every neighborhood. Moreover, real estate developers can hire you if they want a couple of homes to be built. Such projects can help you earn a lot of income.

Fixer Upper

A close relative of a contractor is the fixer-upper. Fixer-uppers are those who refurbish old homes to make them look new again. Some work for real estate developers and help them bring old homes into the market.

You can be a contractor and a fixer-upper at the same time. But some fixer-uppers don’t necessarily need the skills of a contractor. They can concentrate more on the interior design of old homes instead.

Fixer-uppers are almost essential in today’s real estate market. Home prices rose last year, and many real estate developers are looking to cut down costs. What’s a better way to do that than bringing old homes back into the market. They are much cheaper to sell than brand-new ones.

As long as the real estate market stays the same, this business will be more likely in demand. So get the best out of it by starting a fixer-upper company next year.

Gardener or Landscaper


Gardeners and landscapers have gained a bit of attention throughout the years. As more and more Americans need help with their backyard, the more people join this market. Much like being a plumber, it’s a particularly simple job, but one that has its own set of intricacies.

As a gardener or landscaper, you need to have a good eye for detail. This will help you envision your projects for your clients. A good gardener or landscaper can do all-around tasks. The best part about this business is that you can start it by yourself. This means that you can keep any income you get from your jobs.

Private Chef

Private chefs are becoming more common nowadays, and almost everyone can afford them. Since dining out is problematic because of the pandemic, you can now bring the dining experience to people’s homes.

There is a growing demand for private chefs in the market. Former restaurant chefs have decided to take a gamble in this market instead of waiting for the pandemic to end. As a result, these chefs are now earning thousands of dollars every month.

You can start this business alone and with only a handful of equipment. However, your skill will undoubtedly matter, so make sure you go to culinary school or get some culinary experience beforehand.

We are all looking for pandemic-proof businesses we can start next year. These are some of the best home service businesses you can start with minimal risk.

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