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How Building Owners Can Manage Their Parking Facility

Parking facilities may seem just like a space for cars and other vehicles. But these spaces are an essential part if tour building. Many people often base their first impression of the building on car parks. That is because these may be the first place that they will need to go before making it inside the building.

As the owner of the building, it is your responsibility to make sure that your parking facilities are up to the standards of modern times. Many building owners make the mistake of overlooking it, thus resulting in problems down the line, which may taint your relationships with tenants and regular visitors.

If you want to improve your parking facilities and optimize them, below are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Add new slots

One of the major complaints that you may hear from car owners is the lack of parking space. And this is understandable. Often, car owners may leave the building and look for a parking space elsewhere. The most logical solution here is by adding slots. If horizontal space is not possible, you may consider using vertical parking or the type that may use 4-post automotive lifts for sale. Just make sure that there are reliable safety features in place to avoid untoward incidents.

Be strict with entry and exit

The entry and exit points are integral parts of your parking operations. Every vehicle and people entering and exiting the premises should be accounted for. That is where some security features and protocols will be necessary. Other than using a permit or a ticket, it would be wise to go for an access card. That way, the vehicles coming and out will be easily recorded. While you are at this, it would also be a smart move to hire the right people who will operate the entry and exit points.

Consider other particular car types

parking lot

Always consider the possibility that you are not just accepting one type of car. Assume that there will be a lot of drivers coming in with their electric vehicles, for instance. To accommodate this kind of vehicle, you may think of setting up additional features, such as charging ports. That way, drivers can charge their cars without worry. Having this feature also encourage other people in the building to consider getting an electric vehicle.

Improve your terms and agreements

All tenants in the building should read the terms and agreements of the parking facility. That is especially needed for companies that have dedicated parking spots for their officials and employees. In case there are many changes in the appearance and features of your parking facility, it only makes sense to review the contract again and make some adjustments.

Plan things well

Do not underestimate your building’s parking facility. It is a space that is necessary for your tenants and stakeholders. It is also your additional stream of profit. That is why you need to make sure that your plans for it will be sensible and future-oriented.

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