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Automotive Repair: Should You Specialize or Not?

All of us want to be multi-talented individuals that can fix almost anything. In most cases, those considered “generalists” in various industries are often hired on the spot because of their wide plethora of skills. Some businesses and companies would prefer having individuals who specialize in a single skill rather than taking up all the hats needed to solve problems.

However, the common dilemma with most individuals that to want to be good in almost “everything” is that this will mean that you’ll need to learn different types of knowledge and you’ll also need to experience repairing in different fields. When you’re going to go through vast amounts of information and training, you’ll need years to decades worth of experience to master “everything.”

When it comes to the automotive industry, most companies and corporations will use their own means of designing and engineering their cars so they’ll have an “edge” over their competition. The unique design and engineering of different vehicle brands have ultimately led to different types of cars having their own means of repair.

Specializing in a particular brand of vehicles or being a generalist that can repair almost any car (to an extent) has been a debate that has been raging ever since much of society had to use cars.

But before we get anywhere else, what’s the best choice in this matter? Should you be specializing in a particular brand? Is it more lucrative to be a generalist? Well, there’s a lot to consider. But we’ll be answering some critical questions that have been asked for decades.

Factors You’ll Need to Consider

But right before you decide on whether your auto repair shop should be repairing a specific brand or be a jack-of-all-trades in terms of being able to repair any vehicle, there are some factors, advantages, and disadvantages that you’ll need to consider.

  • Some of the things that you’ll need to weigh in on are your:
  • Personal interests
  • Personal preferences to certain brands
  • Career goals
  • How much you are aiming at earning in a month

It’s important to note that even though you might be striving for a higher paycheck, that doesn’t necessarily translate to having a fulfilling job or a better career path. If you enjoy your career and know that it’s worth sticking around for, you should definitely go for it.

Should You Specialize?

Auto mechanic smiling in his garage

Let’s cut straight to the chase: yes, you should specialize because there’s a variety of advantages when you’re focusing on at least one brand of auto repair. Here’s what you’ll need to know:

It’s In High Demand

First and foremost, specializing in a certain brand is in high demand across the country. The sales for automobiles around the world have skyrocketed in the previous years and will continue to increase exponentially as time moves on. What does this have to do with your work? Well, you’ll have even more projects to work on, of course.

Some of the best-selling vehicles are usually made in America. Still, many cars are made in other countries that have been gaining traction, such as Subaru, Saab, and Volkswagen. For this reason, a lot of drivers are willing to pay a good amount of funds to get a highly-specialized and skilled mechanic and technician to ensure that their car is in pristine condition.

Several known automotive brands, such as Subaru, require a fair amount of skill and experience in tune-ups and repairs. When your Subaru’s engine isn’t functioning the way it should be, you’ll want trusted and vetted professionals working on your car. Fortunately, some professionals are ready to help you with your Subaru timing belt to ensure that your car will be running smoothly in no time.

More Opportunities

Contrary to what most people think about career, specialists have better job prospects, especially when most businesses are looking for skilled workers in handling equipment for certain brands. Certain studies have suggested that there will be a need for mechanics and technicians in the next five years and that the numbers are expected to grow by 5%, as reported by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the lessons in maintaining these types of machinery becoming increasingly complex, there’s bound to be even more job opportunities arising in the near future.

Make Even More Money

It’s been reported that most businesses and companies will pay more to individuals who specialize in a certain repair type. This shouldn’t be a surprise since people want experts with decades of experience in certain brands and are willing to pay a premium for getting their car serviced.

Ultimately, you don’t need to be a jack of all trades and master to none since you can easily earn more and advance your career by specializing in one type of industry and brand. You don’t have to push yourself too hard in knowing everything. Again, being a professional in high demand means that most companies and businesses will be clamoring for your advanced skill set. Being a specialist is the best way of doing that.

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