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These Five Simple Hacks Will Turn Your Home Into A Fortress

These days, protecting a home against intruders and inside threats entails more than just building high walls. Instead, it takes a mix of both low-tech and high-tech fortifications to make any property sturdy and fortified for every potential threat to its occupants.

Now, if you feel that your home needs a lot of work for it to become a safe haven for your family day in and day out, there are some upgrades to it that would do the trick. These enhancements range from low-cost to pricey and offer unique features and benefits in terms of protection.

Here are five simple hacks that would make your home a veritable fortress:

  1. Install a high-end surveillance system.

    No home fortification project would be complete without a high-end surveillance system. These days, there is no shortage of home surveillance products that offer different security features to suit unique requirements. There are surveillance systems that trigger push notifications to the homeowner’s smartphone or tablet, which allows the latter to call law enforcement units in a flash. Some models, meanwhile, automatically trigger a 911 call on the homeowner’s behalf for an even quicker response time.

  2. Strengthen your walls, ceilings, and floors.

    Fortifying the home doesn’t mean protecting it solely from intruders, but also from potential damages within. Your walls, ceilings, and floors could also suffer damages from within, such as chemical spills and water damage from pipe leaks. Hence, you should consider upgrades such as industry-grade epoxy floor coating for your floors to protect them from abrasions, humidity, and chemicals. You could also fix openings on your walls and ceilings, so they will be shielded against water damages.yellow door on a black wall

  3. Fortify your doors and windows.

    Back in 2019, there were around 340.5 cases of burglary for every 100,000 people across the U.S. As such, some of the worthwhile enhancements to your home’s fortification include upgrading or retrofitting your windows and doors since they are the usual points of entry for burglars. Fortunately, there are numerous products in the market that you can get off the shelf such as deadbolts, dowel rods, and door armors. Just make sure to hire a professional contractor to install them for you so you can be sure that they are properly installed and that they will serve their purpose well.

  4. Install landscape and exterior lights.

    In many cases, the right landscape and interior lighting are more than enough to deter potential intruders during the dead of night. Most burglars are easily deterred when they know that they can be easily seen at night, so investing in good lighting fixtures meant for outdoor use is needed to fortify a home from the outside. You should place these lights strategically, such as in your pathways, perimeter fence, doors, and windows. You should consider investing in high-tech lights with motion sensors with an option to adjust the sensitivity level to avoid false alarms.

  5. Consider home automation.

    If you are out of your home often, investing in automated features is necessary. You should consider retrofitting your home with window sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors, and alarm systems. These high-tech security products will eliminate the need to manually operate your security systems so you can just have them installed and forget about them. There are plenty of these products available online and in physical stores so getting ones that fit your budget and security requirements should be an essay affair.

With these handy fortification tricks, making your home more secure than it is now will be a breeze. Just make sure to properly lay down your specific security needs and your budget to make your decisions on which ones to get relatively easy.

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