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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Cafe

If you have an outdoor cafe, now is the time to start thinking about ways to make it more appealing so that you can attract more customers and boost your profits. Here are five easy ways to do just that.

Add Some Greenery

Adding some greenery is one of the easiest ways to make your outdoor cafe more inviting. This can be done with potted plants, hanging plants, or even a small garden. Not only will this provide a pop of color, but it will also give your customers a sense of tranquility as they enjoy their coffee or meal. Greeneries also make it safe for customers with pets.

Flowers and shrubs can do more than make a business look nice—they can also increase sales and attract new customers. Ornamental plants can help brighten up a dull business, attract new customers, and improve the store’s overall atmosphere. Customers often feel less stressed and more relaxed in businesses with ornamental plants, so they are likely to spend more time there.

Create a Cozy Seating Area

Make sure your outdoor cafe has plenty of comfortable seating so customers can relax and stay awhile. Position the chairs and tables to encourage conversation, and consider adding throw pillows or blankets for chilly days.

You can include seatings that offer privacy by adding tall plants or setting up partitions between the tables. This will give customers the feeling that they can have a more intimate conversation without being overheard by others. For those who want it to be more interactive, add seating in the open space, so they can people-watch and enjoy the cafe’s ambiance.

Offer Shade

If your outdoor cafe is sunny, offer customers relief from the heat with umbrellas or awnings. Umbrellas create a more intimate setting for customers who want privacy. This will not only make them more comfortable, but it will also prevent them from getting sunburned or overheated. Use high-performance shade structures that can withstand heavy rains and winds.

Shades also offer a sense of seclusion from the rest of the world, allowing customers to relax and enjoy their time at your cafe. Consider adding awnings or canopies over the seating area to provide shade and protection from the elements. These can be permanent fixtures or portable ones that can be moved around as needed.white awning against blue sky

Install Heaters

If your outdoor cafe is in a cooler climate, you’ll need to take steps to keep your customers warm. Install space heaters beneath the tables or put them on stands around the perimeter of the seating area. You might also want to consider offering complimentary blankets on chilly days.

You can also use propane patio heaters. On average, propane patio heaters output about eight times more BTUs than electric ones. Instead of heating you directly like other methods, this radiant heat warms the surrounding air. As its name states, a propane tank must use this type of heater.

Keep your heater at least three feet away from anything that could catch fire, including potted plants, outdoor furniture cushions, and dried grass. This also includes flammable equipment such as the propane tank you use for your grill or a can of lighter fluid.

Add Special Touches

Add some special touches to make your outdoor cafe stand out. This could include colorful tablecloths, string lights, candles, or even picturesque scenery (if you’re lucky enough to have a great view). You can also try lighting the landscape to make it more inviting in the evening and safe for customers leaving after dark.

If your cafe is near a busy street, you can use sound-blocking features to create a more relaxing atmosphere. This could include using plants as natural buffers or installing acoustic panels around the perimeter of the seating area. You can also encourage patrons not to use mobile phones by adding fun board games and other activities to the tables.

Encourage people to post photos by adding a hashtag to your outdoor cafe signage. This will promote your business on social media and give customers a reason to return and take more photos. You can also create a canvas where they can leave their mark with chalkboard paint or a whiteboard and have their photos posted on your cafe’s website or social media page.

In Summary

Follow these five tips to spruce up your outdoor cafe, making it more attractive to customers: create a cozy atmosphere, provide shade or warmth as necessary, and add some personal touches. Soon you’ll see your profits start to rise!

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