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4 of the Best Businesses Anyone Can Start in SEA

Southeast Asia has a fast-growing economy. In 2020, the region had a combined GDP of three trillion dollars, despite the pandemic. This shows that the economy is booming in the area. So if you’re looking for high-growth potential businesses to start in Southeast Asia, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best companies to start in this rapidly-growing region.

Online Retailer

Southeast Asia’s e-commerce industry is booming, with a projected growth rate of $363 billion by 2025. This provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch their online retail businesses. To succeed in this space, focusing on a niche product or group of products you can market well and provide good customer service is essential. Additionally, certain countries have better markets for online retailers. Here are three countries in Southeast Asia with booming e-commerce.


Not many countries can surpass the Internet access rates in Singapore, which come in at 100%. As a result, anyone in the country can easily browse online stores and shop. Additionally, Singaporeans are some of the most eager online shoppers in the world, making it an excellent market for retailers.


Indonesia is another booming e-commerce market, with a projected growth rate of 50% by 2023. This makes it an ideal place to launch your online retail store. However, to succeed here, you’ll need to find ways to compete with established local players like Tokopedia and Lazada Indonesia. One way to do this is by leveraging localization tactics that resonate well with Indonesian customers.


Malaysia is another fast-growing e-commerce market, with a projected growth rate of 44% by 2023. This provides many opportunities for online retailers to find success in the country. Key considerations include identifying your target customers and tailoring your offerings to suit their needs. Additionally, it’s essential to launch your business at an optimal time.

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Real Estate

The real estate industry in Southeast Asia is booming, with a projected growth rate of 10% by 2023. This makes it a perfect space for entrepreneurs to start their first or new businesses. There are many ways to succeed here, such as focusing on finding investors through networking events and connecting with experienced professionals in the real estate industry. Additionally, you’ll need to focus on marketing your business effectively so that people know about your services and products. Moreover, you should consider which country you should put your money in. Here are three countries with the best real estate in the region.


The Philippines is the best country for real estate investments in Southeast Asia. This is due to many factors, including solid property rights protection, a stable legal environment, and a transparent registration system. Additionally, there’s a high demand for housing in the country, with low vacancy rates for apartments and houses. There are also accessible luxury properties in the country’s capital, Manila. You can purchase an affordable and luxurious condo in the bay area that you can leave up for rent. This means becoming a landlord in this area is ideal, as they can enjoy a high rental yield on their properties.


Thailand is another country with excellent real estate markets. This is due to strong economic growth, relatively low cost of living, and numerous foreign investors coming into the market. So if you’re looking for a place to start your first or next business in the real estate industry, you should consider setting up a shop in Thailand.


Finally, Vietnam is another country with a thriving real estate market. The country’s economy has been growing rapidly over the last few years, and many people are looking for places to live or work. This is excellent news for real estate investors and developers as it means a growing housing demand. There are also many opportunities to build condos and other residential spaces in Vietnam’s urban areas, such as Hanoi.

Food & Beverage Franchise

Food and beverage franchises are another business with high potential in Southeast Asia. The region has a rapidly growing middle class with more disposable income, so demand for F&B franchises is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. When starting an F&B franchise in Southeast Asia, choosing a menu and price point that will appeal to the local market is essential. If you can get those two things right, you’ll be well-positioned for success with your F&B franchise in Southeast Asia.

Language School Owner

Another great business opportunity in Southeast Asia is starting your language school. English is the lingua franca of business, and as such, many people in Southeast Asia are keen to learn it to advance their careers. If you’re a native English speaker with teaching experience, this could be a great business opportunity for you in Southeast Asia. When starting a language school, it’s crucial to choose a location with a high demand for English classes and partner with local businesses interested in sending their employees to your school.

Many great business opportunities are available for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Southeast Asia. These are just some of the best companies to start in this rapidly-growing region. If you’re considering starting a business in Southeast Asia, these options are worth considering!

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