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Essential Pointers on Saving on Car Maintenance Costs

The economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic makes it important for people to find ways to save money. They have to forego eating out, which is also advisable with the recent surge in the number of cases due to the latest variant of the virus. People should also take advantage of work-from-home arrangements their employers will offer.

Car owners should also find ways to save for a rainy day. With gas prices higher compared to a year ago, they should plan their trips well to reduce gasoline expenses. But they can also save money on maintenance expenses if they know what to do. Here are some tips that car owners can consider to reduce their maintenance expenses.

Go Through the Owner’s Manual

The first thing car owners should do is go through the owner’s manual. The manual provides them with what they need to do to maintain their cars. Even if they purchased a used car, they should set aside time to read through the manual.

The manual allows car owners to familiarize themselves with the maintenance needs of their cars. It also gives them information about what to do in case something goes wrong with the vehicle while they are using it. If they cannot find the physical copy of the manual, they should look for an electronic copy online.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil of the car is essential to ensure the engine runs without any issues. While it can be a tedious task for some car owners, changing the oil of the car prevents costly repairs in the future. Motor oil lubricates different engine parts, cleans, protects, and cools the engine. It also reduces friction in these engine parts to ensure the engine runs without any issues.

Modern motor oil also helps protect the engine from wear and tear. It also prevents the build-up of acid and maintains its viscosity even as engine temperature changes. Motor oil also protects the different components of a modern engine.

So, changing the car’s oil allows car owners to avoid major problems that will cost a lot more than the price of engine oil.

Check the Engine


Car owners should look for a shop offering reliable engine check services. The shop should have the tools and experience to determine if the engine requires more work to ensure it runs properly. The shop should also provide other services that can help car owners maintain their cars at a minimal cost.

Even if car owners suspect that the indicator is malfunctioning, they should still have the engine checked to avoid issues in the future. Delaying necessary maintenance will cost the car owner more in the future. Sometimes major problems are not easy to spot unless car owners have their vehicles checked.

Car owners should also check the spark plug. One of the common reasons why engines are not functioning well is due to issues with the spark plug. So, when car owners bring their vehicles to the shop, they should make sure to have the spark plugs checked by the mechanic.

Car owners should remember that changing a spark plug is cheaper compared to paying for a major engine overhaul. Overhauling the engine can cost car owners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Ensure the Battery Is Clean

Keeping the car batteries clean ensures they function properly and do not develop cracks. Car owners should remember that corrosion or the bluish and white powder on the battery terminal can affect its functions. So, keeping it clean allows car owners to save on the cost of buying a new battery. They should remember that the wire brush that they can use to clean the terminals is cheaper compared to buying a battery. Car owners should check the battery for corrosion every six months.

Change the Air Filter

Even though car owners should let professionals handle most car maintenance tasks, they can also perform the easy ones themselves. One of these tasks is changing the air filter of the car engine. Car owners should take note to change the car filter every 10,000 up to 15,000 miles. And since many air filter housings are accessible, car owners can change the filters themselves.

Changing the car filter takes around five minutes, and car owners can save on labor costs if they do it themselves. But they should know how to change the air filter to avoid issues in the future. The air filter prevents pollutants from entering through the vents, and if it’s not installed properly, it will not function.

Car maintenance is a necessary task to ensure a car is running in tiptop shape. It also allows car owners to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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