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5 Tips for Extending Your Bedroom for a New Nursery Room

  • Consider a room divider to create a designated nursery area in your bedroom.
  • Utilize vertical space with floor-to-ceiling storage, a clothes rail, and multifunctional furniture.
  • Create a focal point by highlighting an item in the room or painting/wallpapering one wall.
  • Invest in good lighting for the nursery.
  • Maximize space, be creative, and invest in the right furniture to create the perfect nursery.

The arrival of a new baby brings many changes, including the need for a nursery room. However, not all homes have the luxury of an extra room for a nursery. Don’t worry, though, because you can always extend your bedroom to create a cozy nursery for your little one. Here are five tips to help you extend your bedroom and create the perfect nursery room for your new addition.

Consider a Room Divider

When extending your bedroom to make a nursery room, there are many things to consider. One of the most critical aspects is dividing the space while maintaining a cohesive design effectively. That’s where a room divider comes in. Not only does it create a designated area for your baby, but it also adds a touch of style to the room.

And to really take your design to the next level, consider using custom laminate T molding for an excellent finish. This will give your room divider a polished look that ties the whole space together. A T molding is designed to fit into the gap between two pieces of material, such as wall paneling or tile. It is an easy and cost-effective way to divide a space while giving your room that perfect finishing touch.

Utilize Vertical Space

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Consider using the vertical space above your bed to maximize your bedroom’s space. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips on utilizing vertical space in a nursery room to create a functional and comfortable space for your little one.

Opt for Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Invest in tall wardrobes and shelving units that span from the floor to the ceiling to utilize vertical space in your nursery room. This will provide ample storage space for your little one’s clothes, shoes, and other essentials while leaving enough space on the floor for playtime. You can also incorporate matching storage boxes or wicker baskets to keep the room neat and tidy.

Hang a Clothes Rail

Another way to optimize vertical space in a nursery room is by hanging a clothes rail on the wall. This is perfect for those who love open-hanging storage solutions. Instead of crowding the room with a chest of drawers or closet, you can opt for this minimalist storage option. A wall-mounted clothes rail provides an easy-to-reach storage solution for frequently used items such as baby clothes and burp cloths.

Opt for Multifunctional Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your nursery, opt for multifunctional furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For instance, a changing table that doubles as a dresser or a crib with built-in storage can help you save on floor space. A rocking chair with storage space for books and toys can be a great addition too!

Create a Focal Point

One of the ways to make your nursery room stand out is by creating a focal point. A focal point will draw attention and guide the eye around the room, and it can also set the tone for your decor. Here are some ideas for creating a focal point in a nursery room that will make your space feel unique and personalized.

Choose a Wall

You can create a focal point by choosing a wall and making it the centerpiece of your nursery room. Paint it with a bright color or use wallpaper with a pattern or a motif that matches your theme. Another option would be to create an accent wall by installing wooden boards, bricks, or tiles. An accent wall can add texture, depth, and a focal point that is easily achievable on a budget.

Highlight an Item

If you have a special item that you want to stand out, such as a crib, a gallery wall, or a toy collection, you can use it as a focal point. Just make sure that it’s positioned in a way that draws the eye toward it. Consider adding string lights, a canopy, or a floating shelf to showcase your collection or item.

Invest in Good Lighting

nursery room with good light

Good lighting is crucial for your baby’s well-being, and it’s essential to invest in it. A dimmer switch or a table lamp can provide soft lighting for feeding and nighttime changes without being too harsh. Think about adding a nightlight as well to help soothe your baby to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Extending your bedroom to create a nursery is a beautiful way to welcome your new baby. With these five tips, you can create a functional and stylish nursery that fits perfectly into your bedroom. Remember, it’s all about maximizing your space, being creative, and investing in the right furniture and lighting. Happy nesting!

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