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Increasing Office Productivity: Top Ways to Optimize Your Workspace

The recent quarantines implemented by governments around the world had many effects on the office culture. Since most employees were forced to work remotely, changes in the work environment had greatly affected the productivity of the workforce.

As the world slowly goes back to the way it used to function, the productivity issues brought by the pandemic and its lockdowns are starting to become visible. This is a problem that must be addressed immediately. Fortunately, several solutions have been researched and collected to help you adjust.

Here is a quick summary of the six simple ways you can alter your office’s layout and system to improve and efficiently optimize workspace productivity:


Declutter and build a system around procrastination.

For more than a year, people had grown accustomed to the comforts of working at home. Working remotely, gave people the convenience of doing other things during working hours. And although many studies prove that working remotely can increase productivity by up to 77%, going back to the office after getting used to this setup can be problematic to most people.

Procrastination is a habit that cannot be easily kicked off. This is why decluttering is important. Limit your team’s distractions by maintaining an organized workspace.

Station personalization is advisable, but make sure to set a limit. Avoid unnecessary things that will only lead to procrastination. Gadgets are double-edged swords. They can be helpful but too much freedom of using them in the office will eventually lead to poor quality of work.

However, there is always a way. Build a system with a schedule of when they can freely use gadgets and when they have to focus on working. Set up a comfortable area for procrastination and make the working stations gadget-free. This way you can optimize gadget usage or the lack of it without looking like a tyrant.

PRO-TIP: Decluttering doesn’t end with the physical world. Organizing the digital desk space can also save more time and improve efficiency.

Understand the importance of movement.

Having been cooped up at home for a long time, there will be a certain rush to meet and talk to people. The freedom to also move around after being locked up at home for months can also be distracting for some. These are factors that you must acknowledge and workaround.

The need for social interaction can be very useful if handled properly. Allot multiple quick breaks in the daily schedule. The promise of ten-minute chitchats can go a long way in urging people to do their jobs efficiently.



Enhance the office lighting.

A sedentary lifestyle combined with having to look at computer screens for more than five hours a day can lead to various medical complications that will certainly affect the quality and quantity of work.

Enhance productivity and prioritize employees’ mental and physical health by letting more light into the office. Invest in adding bigger windows. A skylight is a plus if it’s within the budget. If natural light is impossible and impractical to get as of the moment, artificial lighting is enough. Just add a few stylish floor lamps and let it do its magic.

Consider temperature and airflow.

These two factors deserve more attention than people are giving them. The temperature and airflow of an office are both connected to employees’ health and focus. Extreme heat can be very distracting. Lower temperatures leave people sleepy. Comfort can also be affected by the level of humidity.

Dynamic roofing systems such as polycarbonate roof sheets aren’t only exclusive to airports and greenhouses. More methods of applications are starting to appear. Its flexibility in resisting low and high temperatures as well as the application to provide better lighting can be good for modern offices.

Opening the windows mentioned above can simply do the trick in improving airflow. An even better way is to have vents installed and professionally maintained. But the fun way of enhancing airflow in the office is with the help of mother nature.

Go natural and add Plants.

Having plants in the office provides multiple benefits. It reduces stress and increases productivity. It can also help in lowering the chance of sickness and absences by cleaning the air within the office. And to top it off, they make offices welcoming to the eyes.


Focus on design and style.

Speaking of welcoming to the eyes, focusing on the office’s aesthetic is also very important. AS the saying goes, “look good, feel good”.

When it comes to furniture, going curvy and rounded can provide a calmer vibe. Lighter neutral colors are also believed to have relaxing effects. Having minimalist themes with wider space and high ceilings can give employees a sense of freedom especially during times of pressure.

One of the most important factors in leadership is communication. Before deciding anything, ask for your employees’ preferences and opinions. Since it’s their productivity you’re worried about, having them actively take part in looking for solutions is the productive thing to do.

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