How to Increase the Value of Your Home on a Tight Budget

The housing market is currently booming, and experts say it will stay that way for the coming years. So, if you plan to sell a home, it’s important to take advantage of the current real estate market to get the highest returns. One way to do this is to do a major home overhaul to increase the value of your property.

Home improvement is a proven way to boost the selling value of a house. Sellers invest so much in home upgrades to get more potential clients and sell the home at the best price. Some go to great lengths by transforming the curb appeal or incorporating designer elements into the property. Since hardwood flooring is quite popular these days, sellers are installing Mountain Grove Hickory engineered hardwood flooring to add a distinctive character to the living space.

When it comes to selling homes, most sellers tend to squeeze every last penny out of their pockets to make their homes look attractive to buyers. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Luckily, there are affordable adjustments you can do that won’t break the bank. In this article, we’ll take a look at some money-saving tips to boost the value of your home.

Modify the curb appeal

A well-kept garden never fails to impress and bring great pleasure. That’s why improving the curb appeal is one of the tried-and-tested ways to boost house value. Among other parts of the house, curb appeal is the major factor to help you make a sale. It’s the first thing potential buyers see once they step inside the property or see a photo of the house online.

Leave a lasting first impression by enhancing the front entry. It can be as simple as changing the mailbox post or painting the front door. When painting, use a wood-inspired finish for a sophisticated look. Another option is to use red paint for the front door to serve as the focal point of the house. Add a doorknob, doorbell, or knocker for that added charm.

Maintaining the garden can be daunting, but there are plenty of DIY activities to keep the lawn looking fresh and well-kept. Focus on colorful flowers and shrubs that thrive in your climate so the buyer won’t be put off with their specific requirements. As much as possible, consider planting low-maintenance greenery to save you and the buyer from expensive and time-consuming maintenance.

Renovate the kitchen and bathroom

kitchen renovation

Apart from all the areas of the house, the kitchen and bathroom are two places in our homes where we spend the most time. Thus, updating these areas (even the simplest update) makes a huge difference in the value of the house.

While the kitchen and the bathroom are the most difficult rooms to renovate, the key is to choose which updates will effectively increase the home’s value and quality of living. If you have the budget, consider buying new appliances in the same color for consistency. Otherwise, look for kitchen areas you can renovate and repaint to create a sense of order.

For the bathroom, consider updating the floor tile for a fresher look. Make it more functional by installing vanity cabinets and new bathroom fixtures in the same color for a harmonious ambiance.

Small details always matter

Believe it or not, even the most insignificant changes in your home go a long way. Start by replacing the knobs on doors and kitchen cabinets. A great tip is to consider the theme you want to achieve for your home and choose hardware that fits the overall theme. This also applies to closets, drawers, faucet, shower head, window handles, and all the doors in the entire house.

Electric and plumbing maintenance is also a must. If you think you have the skills, fix the leaky faucet, loose wires, and faulty outlets. Even if there isn’t one, make sure to double-check if the buyer conducts a thorough inspection. Otherwise, hire a professional repairer to check for much-needed repairs.

Smooth, shiny flooring is another great selling point in home buying. You can devote the entire weekend to update the flooring. For carpeted flooring, invest in area rugs to hide stains instead of replacing the entire carpet.

Last but not least, a clean house never fails to impress buyers. Stay updated on maintenance issues to avoid paying costly emergency repairs in the long run. The internet offers tons of information on how to remove the most stubborn stains at home.

Home improvements aren’t always expensive. In fact, even minor adjustments can provide great value to your home. But if you’re lucky enough to have the budget for home upgrades, use it wisely to ensure your money will return to you tenfold. Still, it’s important to focus on maximizing the return on investment in the least amount of money and time.

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