How Landscaping Boosts a Hotel’s Wow Factor

When you stay at a hotel, you will usually see vast landscapes filled with grass, trees, and flowers. There are many aspects to landscaping, and all of them must be looked after by a reliable landscaping firm. Lawn and landscape designers have the know-how to ensure trees and plants are attractive and healthy all year long.

Every hotel complex needs its visitors to be satisfied and happy while staying there. Landscapes—trimmed grass, colorful flowers, and well-maintained trees included—can transform any hotel property into a paradise. By appealing to guests, hotels are likelier to help increase the number of visitors they can draw in via word-of-mouth and good evaluations.

To guarantee that the property is kept to high standards that meet visitors’ needs, work with a professional landscaper. Here are some ideas professionals and hoteliers keep in their arsenal to remain a welcoming oasis for their guests.

Aesthetics for the Guests

Different settings attract different types of visitors based on the kind of experience they want. When looking for health and relaxation, they should look for something natural that catches their attention.

The sound of water features, such as a fountain, cascade, or pond, is an excellent idea. It’s also visually appealing and helps visitors block out extraneous sounds. This allows them to forget the hustle-bustle of their everyday lives. Other visitors are interested in trees. Place seats under the shade to allow them to enjoy the natural environment. Colorful greenery that matches your company’s colors may help make your area stand out. Aside from visual appeal, these characteristics may make your hotel appealing to nature lovers.

Safety and Security

Make sure your landscape is not only beautiful but also safe, particularly at night. Ensure adequate lighting in the entryway, pathways, and throughout the structure to avoid any dark spots. Placing surveillance cameras around the landscapes will also help to discourage invaders. Instead of neon and glaring lights, illuminate your hotel environment with glowing orbs buried at ground level, creative lampposts, photo voltaic pathway lighting, and “firefly” strands that entwine tree branches and give romance to the scene. Invest in highlights on landscape art or projects using shifting patterns of colorful lights on a wall.  Provide plenty of safety and security lights.

The proper outdoor lighting design for your hotel will provide safety while also contributing to the attractiveness of your business. Guests will feel comfortable throughout their stay and will not be afraid to visit various areas of your business, even if it is late.


Optimized Space

Because not all businesses are on large estates, your options are limited. Rooftop landscaping can let you integrate stunning ideas with a bit of ingenuity. Plants, a pool house, terraced beds, or a garden are all good ideas. Integrate an outdoor space that conveys your brand and fulfills your specified beautifying objectives based on the surroundings.

Taking Care of the Pool

The important pool care answer is to prioritize preventive measures over mitigation actions and inspect your pool daily to monitor the chlorine levels, pH levels, volume of water, and temp. It would be best if you also cleaned your pool at least once a week, including washing the waterline by using suction and brush to ensure that the pool is clear of dust and dirt. Fortunately, you can use muriatic acid alternatives for pools.

Meanwhile, you should inspect the water filters for blockage and do a more comprehensive bacterial examination once a month. These are the methods employed by hotels all over the globe, and if applied correctly, you can use them to maintain your pool to a world-class level.

Leveraging the Business Impact of Landscaping

Park-like lawns and well-maintained gardens are commendable characteristics of the world’s great hotels. However, vibrant plants that give color and fragrance to the air helps even metropolitan hotels. Planting areas next to the main entrance, big pots full of greens and periodic blooms to cushion the harsh surfaces surrounding the pool deck, and hanging baskets to emphasize an outdoor bar or patio may all be used to attain the optimum aesthetic. Shade pleasant sitting spaces with trellises and vine-covered ramadas to promote peaceful discussion.

If you execute this correctly, your company will undoubtedly take off. Quality landscaping attracts people and, if it has a distinct character, encourages repeat visits. Nothing symbolizes a sense of belonging more than a location where you can psychologically rest and revitalize. Work on your mind and soul as well. One of the advantages of having such a setting is the “wow” impact on visitors.\

Everyone will want to visit such a pleasant garden, enabling your company to profit from that gathering of people. Furthermore, your hotel now has excellent marketing pictures and an atmosphere worth pitching to the market, thus increasing your whole company in terms of new guests and repeat customers.

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