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Common Home Maintenance Issues and How to Fix Them

Owning a home comes with a load of responsibilities. Aside from knowing how to cook and clean, you should also be capable of maintaining the property well. This means you should know how to perform inelegant tasks such as fixing clogs, filling holes, and others that involve creeping into small nooks and going up heights.

And to do those properly, you’ll need a number of tools and equipment, such as high-quality screws and fixings, pliers, and a wrench, to name a few. In this blog, we’ll run through the maintenance issues you’ll encounter every so often, and how to fix them quickly.

Burst and Broken Pipes

Leaks are usually caused by damaged pipes. If the problem is severe, locate the main valve, which is often in the basement or near the front of your home. Shut it off immediately, then inspect the pipes to find the source of the leakage. Shutting off the main valve is also advised if you’re leaving home during winter, as ice forming in the pipes can also cause it to burst.

Furnace Failure

This is one of the worst problems you can encounter during winter. But before making any inspections, shut off your electrical power first. Only then can you open up your furnace and inspect the damage.

If you use a gas furnace, check if the pilot light has gone off, then re-ignite it if so. If the problem is in fan, motor, or other components, call a pro to have it repaired.

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Toilet Back Up

When your toilet overflows, shut off its valve, which is located just at the back, near the wall. In most cases, a clog is causing the back up, so if you suspect that an object has been dislodged in the drain, put on some gloves and try to fish it out. Using a trusty plunger may also get rid of the problem. Pour water into the bowl while using the plunger, because the added pressure helps in dislodging the clog.

Leaky Water Heater

When this occurs, check the temperature and pressure valve, which is located atop the water heater. If the tank has pressure issues, water will be transferred from the valve, but it’s not actually a leak. Rather, it’s simply a sign that you need to check the settings and wiring.

But if the tank is cracked or the valve is broken, the problem is serious, so immediately call a pro to have it fixed.

Leaky Ceiling

Leaks from the ceiling are usually a sign of a roof damage or broken pipe. Pros are the only ones who can repair either, but you can do some emergency fixes. Put a bucket or plastic sheets under the leak to prevent water damage, and when the pros are done fixing the leak, patch the ceiling after it has dried.

Stuck Windows

Paint, dust, or moisture build-up cause the windows to be stuck. The solution is simple, though. Just use a utility knife or pizza knife to chip off the old paint, and your windows will unstick at once. If humidity is the cause, just run a humidifier, and wait for the problem to go away.

Door Problems

Creaking and expansion are common door problems. Oiling the hinges with a lubricant can immediately stop the creaking. Expansion, on the other hand, usually occurs during humid seasons, because humidity causes wood to expand. But sometimes, deteriorating hinges or loose screws cause it, too. If such is the case, simply tighten the loose screws.

Master these minor repairs, because as your home gets older, you’ll encounter more problems that can be heavier. Be ready to take on more challenging issues, such as those will require a bit of construction skills.

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