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Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas You Can Try

Marriage is a turning point in anyone’s life. It marks the end of being “available” and now has you focusing on one person to dedicate your life to. For men, a bachelor’s party is the most popular way to celebrate this rite of passage.

And while a bachelor party is often thought to be a very masculine activity involving the typical macho happenings like “strippers and beer,” that doesn’t have to be the case. Bachelor parties and stag dos can be better than the stereotypical image we often know them to be. To avoid the usual cycle of booze, strippers, and “wild nights,” here are a few ideas you can try instead.

Party on a Cruise

Bachelor parties are traditionally organized by the best man, and it’s supposed to be a send-off for the to-be married by his friends. Why not do it in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere? A party on a boat is a great way to share a good and memorable evening with your friends. You can spend the night reminiscing about your experiences in life together, all while experiencing something luxurious and extravagant that fits a bachelor party.

Go Fishing

If you and your group of friends aren’t particularly extroverted and outgoing, a fun social but not-that-social activity you can do together is fishing. And before you think that fishing is a boring activity for a bachelor’s party, think about what a bachelor’s party really is first: it’s a celebration of someone who’s about to be married.

We don’t have to ascribe to traditional beliefs about it, and fishing can help you hammer that. It’s a fun and productive activity, as you get to spend time talking shop and chatting with your best buds while catching fish. What makes it even more fun is that you get to eat the fish you catch later, adding another moment to your memories.

Wine Tasting

wine tasting

Wine tasting is usually saved for a bachelorette’s party, but there’s very little reason why men can’t enjoy it too. It’s a rather sophisticated way to spend a bachelor’s party, especially if done in a great location with picturesque scenery. It can loosen up the atmosphere among friends, encourage jolly chatting- on top of enjoying delicious wine. Vintage and luxurious wine is best left for special occasions, and this is the perfect event for that. Alternatively, if you and your friends aren’t the biggest wine aficionados around, trying out craft beer is an alternative that’s just as exciting.

Mountain Climbing

Nothing beats going on an adventure tour, seeing the natural sights, harnessing your inner Bear Grylls inside you. A mountain climbing trip might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to bachelor party ideas, but it’s one worth checking out.

Many interesting and challenging moments can provide you and your friends with lasting memories and experiences. Not to mention that it’s the best “last escape” when it comes to celebrating the proverbial exit from single life. However, it’s best to have experience when it comes to camping and mountain climbing trips, especially if most of your group is inexperienced in this type of outdoor activity.

Tips for Planning:

It’s not just the best man’s job. When planning a bachelor’s party, it’s mainly the best man who does the planning. But it doesn’t have to be just him; include their brother, cousin, and other male friends and ask them to pitch in ideas.

Gifts will always be different. Usually, men would not care so much about gifts because they’d rather enjoy activities. Take their interests as a cue for what to give the soon-to-be husband. If they are into gaming, they’d most likely appreciate a good gaming headset or even a headset and controller combo stand. If they are interested in liquor, you have a plethora of options too.

Be prepared for the party. Whatever theme or type of activity you choose for the party, make sure you are all prepared for emergencies and other situations. Outdoor activities call for first-aid kits, drinking would require hangover meds for the morning after, and of course, make sure you’ll have enough food and drinks to go around!

Each bachelor party is unique. As a final note, your group may have particular tastes and interests, but remember to focus on the man of the night. All the men involved in the party should be well-informed of what will happen at the party to plan accordingly.

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